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Celtic Marine and Logistics

Celtic Marine and Logistics

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Celtic International Shipping Agency

Celtic International Shipping Agency

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Celtic Real Estate

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Celtic Studios

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Celtic Marine First Office 1985 Baton Rouge LA

The word “Celtic” (from the Greek, keltoi) actually refers to the dominant pre-Christian culture of Europe north of the Mediterranean, although most often associated with Ireland. The Celts were immigrants who molded the Irish nation. Around 600 AD, two Celtic branches spread to the British Isles – the Brythoni (in Britain) and the Gaels (in Ireland) – importing oats and iron objects. Irish Celts were sea farers (expanding from west coast Ireland to areas as far as Greenland / Iceland and possibly Nova Scotia, Canada, and farmers.


The Celtic Group is a network of companies which began with the founding of Celtic Marine Corporation in July 1985. At the time Celtic was founded, the concept of third party logistics providers (known today as 3PLs) was almost unknown in the transportation industry.


Celtic Marine and Logistics offers ocean vessel chartering, contract and spot stevedoring services, cargo supervision, contract and spot barge freight, terminal services throughout the Inland Waterways system, truck freight and consulting work.

Today, we are a full-service, third party logistics provider. Owned and operated by the O’Connor family, with our corporate office in Baton Rouge, LA and satellite offices in New Orleans, New York, Chicago, Louisville and Pittsburgh.

Celtic Marine and Logistics Baton Rouge LA
Celtic International Shipping Agency

Celtic International Shipping Agency was formed in 1999 and has extensive logistical connections with Celtic Marine and Logistics.

Celtic International Shipping Agency offers a full range of agency services covering the U.S. Gulf with offices in Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Virginia and Maryland. Our personnel have many years of experience and are as diversified as our services. This enables us to offer a professional service for any type of fixture or cargo you may have. We believe that this is a Service Industry and communication is a major part of our service both through technology and personal contact.

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Celtic Media Centre offers over 90,000 sqft of prime office space right in the heart of Baton Rouge LA. All five buildings on the property have all the amenities a growing business needs combined with the exclusivity of being located on the same campus as Celtic Studios where numerous movies have been filmed.

Celtic Centre Office Space O Connor Building Baton Rouge LA
Celtic Media Centre Celtic Studios

Celtic Studios is one of the latest ventures of The Celtic Group. The Celtic Media Centre is Louisiana’s first and only full service studio/sound stage complex built from the ground up and managed to meet the exacting requirements and standards of the international motion picture production industry.


With 150,000 square feet of design-built stage space and over 80,000 square feet of office space, Raleigh Studios Baton Rouge at the Celtic Media Centre has the size and services to meet the demands of most any production. Located on a gated 23 acres in the heart of Baton Rouge, the Celtic Media Centre is Louisiana’s flagship studio. Celtic is also a proud, founding member of the Louisiana Film & Entertainment Association (LFEA).

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